Homeschool Art Classes

Class Date: 
Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 10:30am

• This session will be focused on accurate drawing skills. Students will discover the satisfaction of working toward excellent draftsmanship: the ability to render with ease the subject matter we are drawing. This comes through patient practice with repetition and focus.

Growing artists love to master 3-D techniques, creativity with color, and other advanced aspects of our craft. But it’s important to establish good control from the beginning. Lack of proper proportion can rob an otherwise beautiful work of its appeal.

In representational (realistic) drawing, the confident feeling that you are able to capture a likeness is part of what makes art such a delight. And when you branch off into other kinds of drawing, having this strength as a starting point only adds to the joy.

Young students can set this goal early in their art education, and with the right kind of guidance and encouragement, a teacher can help them achieve it without undue self-criticism or stress. This will be my goal in working with your children


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