July 10 - 21 Classes (Click Here)

Pinch Pots   2 Weeks
Ages 5-8
Days M-W-F
Time 2-3:15 pm
Fee $17.00 I

n this beginning clay class we will touch, squeeze, press, form and learn to mold clay into shapes. We will then paint and glaze projects for finished results


Weaving   2 weeks
Ages 7-10
Days M-F
Time 1-1:45 pm
Fee $17.00

Students will learn to weave using materials from home.


Art Camp - Painting   2 weeks
Ages 8-12
Days M-F
Time 1-2:30 pm
Fee $24.00

In this Art Camp, students will learn basic art concepts of line, color, shape, form, value, space and texture. Serious artists will draw landscapes, portriats, etc. with certified Art Teachers.


Learn to Embroider   2 weeks
Ages 9+
Days M-F
Time 11-11:45 am
Fee $17.00

We will learn basic embroidery stitches, including the lazy daisy, outline, satin stitch and French Knots.