June 18-29 Classes

June 18 - 29
Art Camp Painting
In this Art Camp, students will learn basic art concepts of line, color, shape, form, value, space and texture. Serious artists will draw landscapes, portriats, etc. with certified Art Teachers.
Age: 8-12
When: 1-2:30 pm M-F
Teacher Carlyn Olson
Fee: $20

Build Your Own Village
Create your own village of clay miniture homes, people, and imaginary creatures.
Age: 11-13
When: 1-2:30 pm M-W-F
Teacher Annie Edwards
Fee: $17

Jr Chef June
Two weeks of classes that will end with a special luncheon your team will make for your invited guest!
Age: 8-12
When: 11-11:45 am M-F
Teacher Liz Frazier
Fee: $17

Pastel - Into the Woods
Grandma Jean will teach students how to use oil pastels to create pictures of forrests, streams and lakes, and beautiful hills and mountains.
Age: 10+
When: 10-10:45 am M-F
Teacher Jean Swanson
Fee: $17