June 4-15 Classes

June 4 - 15
Art Camp Drawing
In this Art Camp, students will learn basic art concepts of line, color, shape, form, value, space and texture. Serious artists will draw landscapes, portriats, etc. with certified Art Teachers.
Age: 8-12
When: 1-2:30 pm M-F
Teacher Carlyn Olson
Fee: $20

Draw Your Pets June
Student will bring pictures of their own pets and learn to use oil pastels to draw eyes, muzzles, bodies, tails.
Age: 10+
When: 10-10:45 am M-F
Teacher Jean Swanson
Fee: $17

Pinch Pot Animals
Create dogs or cats, cows or horses, snakes or turtles with this 2 weeks clay class!
Age: 6-10
When: 1-1:45 pm M-W-F
Teacher Annie Edwards
Fee: $17