New Year's Resolutions

A thought from the Executive Director:

Dear Arts Supporter,

New Year’s resolutions are usually filled with promises of eating healthier, exercising more, staying on budget, etc., and being more organized usually ranks pretty high among these goals. The Winfield Arts & Humanities Council recently purchased several full sized cabinets from the former Winfield Intermediate School, and if anyone knows me very well, they know that I am DRIVEN to categorize, organize, sort and put away. Fortunately for me, these cabinets will fit very well into that goal – totes, bottles, supplies, tools – all tucked away until they are needed.

However, sometimes we need to allow ourselves to occasionally be “messy”. I have found that when I pull out various drawers and totes of supplies, I am offered a world of creative options, blends, accents, styles, designs, patterns, etc. that otherwise would be folded away in its assigned compartment. Sometimes it takes laying out the stashes of choices for me to see the possibilities my imagination can go. It might be something blue that reminds me of the cold, deep water and the life it contains; it might be an elongated rectangle piece that brings to mind downtown skylines with their assortment of tall skyscrapers and buildings; it could be a delicate shell which prompts me to think of young ballerina’s in their tutu’s and tip-toes.

Our supplies are best found and taken care of when they are clean and in their assigned places. But make sure to renew your appreciation for each piece by being chaotic occasionally, and tease your sense of wonder and imagination.

Cheri Kindt-Gonzales Executive Director