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2018 Art in the Park Festival

44th Annual Art in the Park Festival Saturday, October 6, 2018 10am to 5pm Island Park, Winfield     Exhibitors Welcome Party                Friday, October 5, 2018 5:00-6:30pm Island Park, Winfield   General  Information Festival opens to Purchase Award patrons at 9 am Open to the general public at 10 am. Only registered food vendors are allowed food and beverage sales. Outdoor show; come prepared for all types of weather.  All profits from your sales are yours.  The Art in the Park Festival does not retain a percentage of your sales. Location Island Park is surrounded by a beautiful lagoon and graced with shade trees. It is located at the north end of Main Street (Hwy 77) in Winfield, KS.  Entry Fee Fee: $40.00 per 12’ x12’ space.  Fee is non-refundable.  One exhibitor per space; no half spaces allowed. Artists who work collaboratively may share a space if it is declared in the application, the application is signed by both artists and the application is accepted by the Committee. All decisions made by the Art in the Park committee are final! ENTRIES RECEIVED BY JULY 10, 2018 MAY BE USED IN ADVERTISING FOR OUR PURCHASE AWARDS Booth Space Assignments Booth assignments will be given to exhibitors as they enter the park.  Exhibitors are usually rotated annually by color zones. Set up: Friday from 1:00-8:00 pm or Saturday morning between 6:00 and 9:00 am. Exhibitors who set up on Friday evening do so at their own risk.  No security monitoring overnight is provided. Booths must be open for business at 9:00 am and remain open until 5 pm. Exhibitors are responsible for their own set-ups, screens and canopies. Requirements Art in the Park is a juried festival.  Artists who have not exhibited with us for the last 3 years MUST submit 3 examples of your work, in photos or slides, which are representative of all current works to be shown at the festival.  These slides or photographs will be reviewed by a jury and will not be returned.  Detailed description of work to be displayed must be on the entry form.  The jury retains the right to review returning artists/crafters annually. Acceptable Work and Awards ORIGINAL FINE ARTS: PAINTING, DRAWING, PRINTMAKING, MIXED MEDIA, PHOTOGRAPHY, SCULPTURE, POTTERY, WEAVING, JEWELRY, GLASS,WORKS IN WOOD, FOLK ART, FIBER ART, etc. will be considered for judging.  AWARDS FOR FINE ARTS: Best of Show…………………..$275 3 Blue Ribbons……………………..$125 each  3 Red Ribbons …………………….$80 each   3 White Ribbons………………...$55 each               3 Green Ribbons….honorable mention ORIGINAL FINE CRAFTS: NO MOLDS, KITS, PATTERNS, OR COMMERCIALLY PRODUCED ITEMS* OR CONSIGNMENT ITEMS ARE ALLOWED.  We will ask exhibitors to remove these if they appear the day of the festival. AWARD FOR BEST ORIGINAL CRAFT …… $175 2nd Place Original Craft ………………………… $ 50 ALL WINNERS ARE AT THE DISCRETION OF THE JUDGE AND WINFIELD ARTS & HUMANITIES HAS NO SAY IN MAKING THE FINAL DECISION.  Official judging begins at 10:00 am on Saturday. *Commercially produced items that have been significantly altered by the crafter may be allowed at the discretion of the jurors. Total prize money = $1,200+ All works created since 2013 and not previously awarded a prize at Winfield Art in the Park will be judged.  Categories above must have at least three pieces exhibited in that medium and all works judged must be an original and be for sale.  Drawings, prints, and paintings must be framed or matted.  Reproductions of original paintings or drawings must be clearly marked as such. Purchase Awards Purchase awards are prepaid commitments by local individuals and businesses which will be spent throughout the day of the festival.  Purchase Award ribbons are given to patron’s choice.  These Patrons commit to spending approximately $4,000+ per festival. Liability The Winfield Arts and Humanities Council and Winfield Art in the Park Board Members are not responsible for personal injury and loss or damage to work displayed.  Artists should insure their own work. For More Information Please contact:  ART IN THE PARK, c/o WAHC, 700 Gary, Winfield, KS 67156-3135, Call (620) 221-2161  E-MAIL: Deadline Deadline is September 18, 2018--Entries postmarked after Sept. 18 must be paid by cash or money order and include an additional $10.00 late fee per booth space. Entries received before July 10 will be publicized in our Purchase Award publicity. Download entry form at the bottom of this page. Oct 6

WAHC News Blog

New Year's Resolutions

Jan 4

A thought from the Executive Director:

Dear Arts Supporter,

New Year’s resolutions are usually filled with promises of eating healthier, exercising more, staying on budget, etc., and being more organized usually ranks pretty high among these goals. The Winfield Arts & Humanities Council recently purchased several full sized cabinets from the former Winfield Intermediate School, and if anyone knows me very well, they know that I am DRIVEN to categorize, organize, sort and put away. Fortunately for me, these cabinets will fit very well into that goal – totes, bottles, supplies, tools – all tucked away until they are needed.







Winfield Arts & Humanities Council Art Scholarship Requirements:

must be majoring in visual arts, writing, or drama